Working at Chez Léon

moule-jobChez Léon remains true to its traditions of good Belgian cooking and respect for the customer.

Chez Léon also remains true to its worthy staff: Madame Dany is still there to welcome customers and Monsieur Mario will soon be celebrating 50 years as manager of the dining room.

Aspects that have made the restaurant a success in Brussels are those transmitted by headquarters – be positive, conscientious and always smile – these are the keywords of the Léon team.

It is in this spirit of quality in terms of food and welcome that the members of the team follow the four golden rules of Monsieur Rudy:


Warm welcome 
Tasty food 
Friendly atmosphere 
Reasonable prices


Below are vacancies that need to be filled.

These vacancies are for our restaurant of Brussels (rue des Bouchers, 18 – 1000) ONLY


To apply for this job, send your resume to

or fill this form to the attention of Mister Bouaichi